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Building a Strong Community of Like Minded People

Built my health and fitness enthusiasts, we at Yoga X realise that your workout clothes need to be as tough as you are! With years of expertise in local production of clothes, we have come to know about plenty of secret. Shh! One such secret is that presence of middlemen in the production-supply chain increase the price of a cloth by five folds! We provide you a platform where the customers are directly connected to the producers. Whoosh! No need of any middlemen.

At Yoga X, you will find nothing less than alpha quality. We believe that that alpha people deserve alpha quality! A compromise in the quality of the clothes is a big no. Yoga X is a premium workout clothing brand. Each design is unique on its own. After the production, all the samples are tried, tested, abused vigorously, if fails, are rejected directly.You only find the perfect and quality passed designs in the shop.

All the crafters who work over the designs are amazingly talented and experienced 20+ years and have worked with 'major' brands in the market.

The in-house production facility helps us in achieving the best in class quality control and low costs in production that is why we manage to deliver crazy high quality, so affordably.

Each and every design is a product of hours of designing, craftsmanship and quality control. Our popular series are:
* Active
* Hybrid
* Compression series,etc
Each design has its different purpose and capability which had passed testing based on day to day wear for more than couple of Months.

We believe that clothing is the most important part of our daily life, that is why we are here to revolutionize it with our Outstanding Quality and Unbelievable Pricing.


Ph no- 8448239759

Address- Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi-110059


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